Behavioral intervention

Healthy weight

Often people think that it is easy for overweight people to lose weight. Just eat a little less or eat healthier. And do some more exercise. Unfortunately, this logic is based on false ideas. In reality, it appears very difficult to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight. The fight that you have to deliver again and again not to eat something unhealthy or start doing exercises is often lost. Especially for children, who are still in the middle of learning to control their impulses.

Children and obesity

>Given that overweight children have a much greater chance of having overweight later in life or develop obesity, it is important to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Scientific research has shown that overweight children often have lifelong problems of being overweight; psychologically, socially, and physically.

Individual approach

Unfortunately, the eating and exercise programs at national level are not able to change eating and exercise behavior of children. Therefore Performenz Institute of Sport psychologist and Frans Folkvord have initiated a program to assist children in need of a change in their lifestyle. According recent scientific findings and studies, there is a complex package of measures needed to help children who are overweight. Based on these scientific findings, we offer a multidisciplinary approach and guide the children on an individual level. Only then there will be a structural change in the lifestyle of the child.

Personal Customization

We supervise the child interdisciplinary to change his or her lifestyle. We will do this individually, aimed at improving the eating behavior and exercise. All sessions are based on fun and enjoyment, thereby inspiring the child to make healthy(er) eating and exercise pattern in the future.

We believe that children deserve customized individual counseling.

We help the child improving their lifestyle by:

– Multidisciplinary approach at the individual level
– Nutrition, exercise and mental training, coordinated, individually tailored
– Management of the process for one year
– Orthomolecular and nutrition research plan
– Cooperation within and with the family.
– If you have any questions, or want to consult us about this program we offer, contact us. We plan an informal and free intake, and together we can develop a plan for you or your child to learn a healthier lifestyle.